Caring For Vinyl Siding To Keep It Looking Like New

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When someone decides to have a roofing contractor do vinyl siding installation on their home, they will have the benefit of a beautiful appearing exterior put on by a professional. After siding is installed, the homeowner will need to do some maintenance steps to ensure the appearance remains looking like new. Here are some steps one can take in maintaining vinyl siding.

It is important there is no heat source placed near vinyl siding as it will be prone to melting. Place the barbecue grill in an area away from the home. Make sure any fire pits are placed in an area away from close proximity of the siding as well.


When using pesticides or other landscaping chemicals, it is best to cover the siding to help avoid damage. These agents can cause discolored areas on vinyl if they are not washed off right away. Covering the vinyl will save the homeowner in having to do a cleaning regimen after treating their lawn.

Cleaning vinyl siding frequently will keep it looking its best. A cleaning agent can be purchased through the roofing contractor or from a hardware or home goods store. Mix this with water to dilute it if necessary. Use a non-abrasive brush to scrub any areas on the siding where debris is abundant. Other areas can be wiped down using a mop. Rinse the cleaning solution well after removing debris. Failing to clean siding can lead to an uneven appearance in color. The debris will not be subjected to sunlight, making the other areas of the vinyl fade while the area under the debris does not. When the debris is finally removed, the home may look mottled in appearance.

If someone wishes to have a roofing contractor come to their home to do a vinyl siding installation, they can contact a professional in their area. Someone would come to the home to do an evaluation of the scope of the job and would show the homeowner samples of vinyl siding pieces they could select from. They would then undertake the project, leaving the home with a brand new look.